May 11, 2017 – No Meeting In May!

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We will not meet in May

See the notes at the bottom of this newsletter for other computer groups that might interest you.

June 9, 2017 General Meeting

At the June meeting Richard Kinkle will come for his biennial walk on the grey side. He’ll probably show some of the less common ways to surf anonymously.

Don’t Forget !

  • Watch for the announcement next week for the PCCC Board meeting.
  • Our annual World Famous PCCC BBQ Picnic is scheduled for our July regular meeting date, July 13, 2017. Mark your calendar and don’t go to the beach or Boston that week.

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“Can You Hear Me?”
follow-up from the February Bytes & Bits

Call Scam Poses as Trip Advisor Rep

It’s back! This winter, the “Can You Hear Me?” con was one of BBB’s most-reported scams. It’s returned this spring with a travel-themed twist: scammers are pretending to be from Trip Advisor.

How the Scam Works

You get a telephone call from someone claiming to work for Trip Advisor (some attentive targets report that callers really say “a trip advisor”).

Typically, the first thing the “Trip Advisor representative” asks is “Can you hear me?” Sometimes, the scammer claims to be having trouble with his/her headset. Don’t respond, and just hang up!

If you say “yes,” the caller will start to sell you a travel package, such as a discounted resort stay or a cruise.

The “Can You Hear Me” scam suddenly seems to be everywhere, and this is just the latest iteration. In many cases, the scammer already has the person’s phone number, credit card number, or cable bill as the result of a data breach. This information can be used to authorize third-party charges. When the victim disputes the charges, the scammer can use the recorded “yes” to confirm that they have consent.

How to spot a “Can You Hear Me?”

Just hang up and don’t call back. It is tempting to get the last word, but you may end up giving scammers information they can use later.

Don’t believe Caller ID. Caller ID spoofing makes it very easy for callers to pretend to be someone else. Scammers have also posed as everyone from immigration authorities to utility company representatives to local police.

Join the Do Not Call Registry ( to cut down on telemarketing and sales calls. Although it won’t stop scammers, you’ll get fewer calls which will make it easier to spot the fraudulent ones.

Always check your billing credit card, phone, and cable statements carefully for any unfamiliar charges. If you suspect you have been victimized, call the billing company and dispute anything you did not authorize.

Maryanne Dailey, SVP, Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont

Editor’s note:
In addition to the federal Do Not Call Registry, a number of members recommend the service. This service uses the simultaneous ring feature of most modern phone systems to intercept a call on the first ring so you don’t have to answer the phone.

The PCCC meets at the BBB in Matthews.
But in May you may like to check out one of these meetings:

Other computer group meetings in May:

Charlotte Apple Computer Club.
Published topic: Photographing those travel memories.
Time and location: Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Matthews Community Center, 100 McDowell St. East, Matthews.

Carolina IT Professionals Group.
Published topic: Azure Machine Learning and
Making Data Science Easier (and more fun!).
Time and location: Redmond room at the Microsoft Campus off Arrowood Rd.
(Last door to the building on the left left at the end of the parking lot).