April 10, 2014 | Safe Computing

On April 10, Richard Kinkel will discuss Safe Computing He will focus on some non-mainstream methods of keeping yourself private and safe while surfing the Web.

  • Anti-Virus software (very briefly)
  • Password vaults (for saving passwords)
  • True Crypt (for protecting your sensitive files)
  • Sandboxie (for surfing the web virus free)
  • How to set up a free easy to use VPN (for non-copy wright legal anonymous Torrent downloading)
  • TOR (for hiding your IP address) and
  • What’s the deep web and the dark web? (I’ll show examples)

A Message from the Common Table

A thank you to all of you who supported and voted for me at the last meeting to become the President of the Personal Computer Club of Charlotte. It will be an honor for me to assume this role. I have been a member for very close to 20 years now. I have had several other roles in the club but never President.
Help, I don’t know what I’m doing!

I am going to change this message name and call it “A Message from the Common Table”. You see, I will be composing this not from my desk, but from my dining room table. The computer that sits on that table is a 6 year old Mac Book Pro laptop. Yes, Apple computing devices are personal computers as well as devices powered by Microsoft and other operating systems. Oh, by the way by the time we have our meeting this week, Microsoft will have provided the last patch for our beloved XP operating system. I say that because my Mac is already not supported by Apple. I lost support for my “Leopard” system a year or so ago. The computing world changes. That is why your are a member, right, trying to keep up with all the changes?

So why the name “A message from the COMMON Table”. I want to use the word common as we all have a common interest or passion for computers and computing. I also want to re-enforce that everyone in the club is equal in purpose for belonging to the club. Everyone has equal input into making the club better for the “common” good. Computing is good for our world. It provides learning, research, entertainment, and helps business and government provide services to us. This list could go on and on, I will not.

Sometimes the computing world becomes dangerous, our topic this month is “Safe Computing”.
Our own Richard K. will provide the program. See what items he will cover later in this news letter.

I look forward to seeing all of you this week. I also want to see some of our members or guests that receive this news letter who do not come often. Coming to the meeting is the ultimate ‘Social Media’
thing you can do. Don’t just stay at home and e-mail and Facebook, come out an see real people that share a “Common” interest. If your bring your own meal, come to the meeting about 5:45 to 6:00. We have a great time “eating before the meeting”.

See you this Thursday.

Galen Bolin

Please join us. The Personal Computer Club of Charlotte [PC3] meets the second Thursday of each month in the Main Fellowship Hall at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, 1117 South Blvd in Charlotte. The meeting gets under way promptly at 7:00pm. We generally start with a brief review of current PC issues in the news. Following that we have a presentation on a topic of interest to PC or Smart Phone users and wrap up by 9:00pm. Initial attendance at the meeting is free and open to the public. In addition to our General Meeting at 7:00PM a number of us get together for dinner at 5:45pm. We generally hold our “Eating before the Meeting” at the church. Six or seven folks generally show up, have supper and talk tech until it was time to start the General Meeting. The club will provide iced tea and cookies for desert. Anything else, pizza, burger, sandwich will have to be brought in by the participants. We suggest that everyone interested stop on their way to the meeting to buy themselves diner at the Sandwich Shop, Fuel Pizza, McDonalds, etc. and bring it with them to the church.

For directions or additional information visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook. To contact PCCC Board Members please see the list at http://pc3.org/officers/.