April 11, 2019 – Streaming Entertainment

Program topics

April 11: Streaming Entertainment,
presented by Richard Kinkel.

Upcoming programs require your participation:

  • “Planning Meeting” will be announced Thursday and by email. Don’t commit to it until you see a specific announcement.
  • May 9: Picnic, for once, before the hot weather.
  • June 13: Configuring Accessibility options on Windows 10, presented by Galen Bolin.
  • Future general meetings: That’s why we need you at the Planning Meeting.

A Message from the Common Table
April 5, 2019

Last month I started my article about all the rain we have had. It is raining as I write this on Friday morning. Rain has been less frequent lately. How about that snow we had on Tuesday morning? If it came on Monday it would have been a weather April Fools joke on us. I played golf at Monroe Country Club on Thursday morning and folk at the course said that they had almost 2 inches of snow on the ground. The snow melted within an hour or so because it warmed up very quickly. When I finished my round of golf at 2:30 Thursday the temperature was 76 degrees. The day was perfect for a great day of golf, my round of golf, not so much perfect.

Richard K. is going to present current ideas for “Streaming Entertainment”. We all seem to have at least tried some of these services or are thinking of trying some. Richard was one of the early adopters of cutting the big guys out (ATT, Spectrum, and others) out of his budget. Of course, you still have to have internet access from someone. Richard will show how he gets his TV, Movies and other video content on the cheap. Richard will show how to combine a Roku and an Amazon Fire device to get all this content. We have covered this topic many times in the last few years, but each year brings new changes for us to consider. Later this year we will be challenged again with new providers trying to get our hard earned money.

Thank you, Maryanne, for the “game” we played while we discussed all things about dongle-mania and other manias.

Our annual picnic will be in May this year to avoid the hot weather. That date is next month – May 9. We will discuss changes we can make to the menu (maybe not BBQ?). Bring your suggestions for the meeting on April 11.

For all you procrastinators out there, Tax Day is fast approaching!

I hope to see all of you at the meeting.

Galen Bolin
President PCCC – https://pc3.org

The PCCC meets the second Thursday of most months at
Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church at 1117 South Blvd.

Maps and directions are below.
Join us with your bag supper at 5:30 or the meeting at 6:30.

Fair Warning

Batteries are dangerous

We’ve known from our first cell phones that when the battery indicator goes from 75% to 25% in minutes rather than hours, the battery is on its death rattle.

One tablet had a dying battery. I set it aside and whenever I wanted to use it, plugged it into a backup battery. One day I walked past the shelf it was on and said: “that screen is shattered.” But nothing had apparently fallen on it. Then I realized the screen was not just cracked but bowed out uniformly along the cracks.

As the battery died, it also swelled up into a flat football and destroyed the device. Fortunately, it did not die catastrophically and set the shelf – and house – on fire.

The next time a battery shows senescence explicitly dispose of it rather than just setting it aside.


Verify your Win7 updates

Are you still using Windows 7 SP1? Be sure you have all the current updates. Even though Win7 is promised support for another eight months, Microsoft is changing how they deliver the monthly security updates in July. You must have a new component for Microsoft Update to receive the last six security updates (and any special updates they generously decide to offer after “End of Life”).

Microsoft’s documentation of what you need to do to ensure you receive the changed updates is typically circular and obscure – unless you’ve been indoctrinated into the cult. As best I can tell, if Windows Update has installed the components called KB4474419 and KB4490628, you shouldn’t have any problems.

I scanned down the list of 390 updates on my computer and discovered that they had come over with the March distribution (see fig. 1). If you see those KB numbers under your “Installed Updates” listing between now and July, you’re in good shape. If not, follow the link after Wednesday for tips to install them manually.

Bill Barnes, PCCC
Link: http://pc3.org/old-files/news/bytesplus/191501_ Verify your Win7 updates.pdf

Room and Parking information:
We are meeting in the same building as the big hall. Come in the atrium and look for us in the first room on the ground floor, down the hall to your left.
If the parking lot closest to the building is full, park in the deck directly across the street.
Do not park in the upper lot!
If you are lost, locked out, or need an escort from the parking deck, call 704-607-6461.

Click on map for Google directions (https://www.google.com/maps/@35.2167865,-80.8507889,18z) .
Find it at What3Words (https://map.what3words.com/chef.pens.with)