Heartbleed Bug Affects 60% of Secure Internet Servers

Remember in the early days of the Internet, you were reminded to look for the letters HTTPS, and the yellow “lock” in many browsers, before entering credit card or Social Security information.  The HTTPS protocol was different than the standard HTTP in that it was secure.  That security was provided […]

April 10, 2014 | Safe Computing

On April 10, Richard Kinkel will discuss Safe Computing He will focus on some non-mainstream methods of keeping yourself private and safe while surfing the Web. Anti-Virus software (very briefly) Password vaults (for saving passwords) True Crypt (for protecting your sensitive files) Sandboxie (for surfing the web virus free) How […]


We have heard stories about bitcoin in the news recently so many are asking, “What is it?”  Technically, a bitcoin isn’t really a thing; it is a computer generated answer to a complex algorithm.  This string of 1’s and 0’s is your bitcoin.  It only has value if other people […]

WWW – Happy 25th Birthday

Today the World Wide Web turns 25 years old.  Many people believe the Internet and the World Wide Web are synonymous with each other; that is incorrect.  The Internet was developed using various protocols, ARPANet, Telnet, Tymnet, starting in the 1950’s, to speed communications between different computer systems used in […]