Computer & Internet Security: What to Look for in Antivirus Protection

Our program for April deals with a topic that concerns us all. Malware is an ever present threat that can strike any system without warning.  Avoiding this menace is a matter of luck, know-how and diligence in maintaining proper protection. There is much to be said for experience in avoiding malware threats but perhaps the most essential component of this defense is a good, properly set and maintained antivirus program. Our speaker for April is well versed in this subject. He has worked with Avast! Software for 8 years Known as CharleyO on the Avast! Forum, Charles O. Prince is one of the 15 most active Avast! forum participants with more than 6,500 posts since he joined in early 2004. Charley helps Avast! users around the world with their technical questions. In the summer of 2010 Avast! asked Charles to become a Spokesperson for the product in the USA. This was finalized in November and his first job was to make the public more aware of the dangers of the Internet and of PC malware. He has since presented for many groups like ours. He is known for his advocacy on this subject and has spoken to this group previously.  His presentation should be helpful and of interest to all PC users.

Avast Software, the maker of Avast! Internet antivirus software, with more than 190 million users, is among the most popular antivirus applications in the world.  Avast! Antivirus 7 has just recently been released to the market. It promises to be a great antivirus product and continues to be totally free of charge for home (non-business) use.

General Meeting Information and Directions

Please join us for our next meeting. The Personal Computer Club of Charlotte (PC3) meets the second Thursday of each month at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, 1117 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203. The meeting gets under way promptly at 7:00pm. We generally start with a Question and Answer (Q&A) session to help our members with those “Brick Wall” problems we all occasionally face. Following that we have a presentation on a topic of interest to users of computers, smart phones and other electronic Devices. The programs and discussions wrap up by 9:00pm.

PC3 Dinner before the April Meeting – Website Insert

In addition to our General Meeting at 7:00pm we usually get together for dinner at 5:30pm before the meeting. Six to ten folks generally show up, have supper and talk tech until time to start the General Meeting. This month we will have our General Meeting in the Williams Building. From the lower parking lot it’s just to the right of our usual location, the fellowship hall. Since we will not be able to have dinner there, we will hold our “Eating before the Meeting” at a local restaurant. For April it will be the Beijing Chinese Restaurant, 1603 South Blvd. It’s just down the street from the church and next to the Sub Shop in Dilworth. For details on the restaurant and directions please click on the following link:

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