Fraud, Deception, Scams and Cons – Thursday, October 10th

Our meeting on Thursday October 10th will be at Pritchard Baptist Church. Galen reports that unlike last month, we’ll be back in the main fellowship hall. Our Subject for this meeting will be “Fraud, Deception, Scams and Consand will be presented by a Specialist from the Fraud Division of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg Police Department. Our own Maryanne Dailey from the Better Business Bureau will lead the discussion and introduce our speaker. Fraud is an all too common malady of our times. It appears everywhere and occurs when we least expect it. It is pervasive, but seems to have an affinity for the fast and loose environment on the internet. Don’t miss this important review of the real and present danger at our meeting this month.

Please join us. The Personal Computer Club of Charlotte [PC3] meets the second Thursday of each month (next meeting Thursday, October 10th) in the Pritchard Bldg. at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, 1117 South Blvd in Charlotte. We will return to the Main Fellowship hall this month. The meeting gets under way promptly at 7:00pm. We generally start with a brief review of current PC issues in the news. Following that we have a presentation on a topic of interest to PC or Smart Phone users and wrap up by 9:00pm. Initial attendance at the meeting is free and open to the public.

In addition to our General Meeting at 7:00PM we get together for dinner at 5:45pm. We generally hold our “Eating before the Meeting” at the church. Six or seven folks showed up at previous meetings, had supper and talked tech until it was time to start the General Meeting. The club will provide iced tea and cookies for desert. Anything else, pizza, burger, sandwich will have to be brought in by the participants. We suggest that everyone interested stop on their way to the meeting to buy themselves diner at the Sandwich Shop, Fuel Pizza, McDonalds, etc. and bring it with them to the church.

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