How to Take Better Pictures for the Holidays: The Elements of Digital Photography

PC3 Meeting Thursday, November 10th – 7:00PM

Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church 1117 South Blvd. Charlotte NC

Our November PC3 meeting will feature a program on digital photography by noted photographer, Richard Kinkel. Richard is a professional photographer who has built a reputation statewide for creative and technically precise handling of photographic projects. He brings many years of expertise to a concise presentation of advice on how to take better pictures for the holidays.

Richard will discuss photographic work flow, how to select the best camera for a given job, software tips, photographic composition, flash and ambient lighting, making prints and emailing photographs.

See Richard’s PowerPoint slides for this presentation

Be sure to bring your camera to the meeting. We should have an opportunity to put Richard’s advice into practice and get some good shots of the group.

Please join us. The PC3 meets the second Thursday of each month at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, 1117 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203. The meeting gets under way promptly at 7:00pm. We generally start with a Question and Answer (Q&A) session to help our members with those “Brick Wall” problems we all occasionally see. Following that we have a presentation on a topic of interest to PC or Smart Phone users and wrap up by 9:00pm.

In addition to our General Meeting at 7:00pm we get together for dinner at 5:45pm. We will hold our “Eating before the Meeting” at the church, again, this month. Six or seven folks showed up, at a previous meeting, had supper and talked tech until it was time to start the General Meeting. The club will provide iced tea and cookies for desert. Anything else, pizza, burger, sandwich will have to be brought in by the participants. We suggest that everyone interested stop on their way to the meeting to buy themselves diner at the Sandwich Shop, Fuel Pizza, McDonalds, etc. and bring it with them to the church.

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