July 10, 2014 – PCCC BBQ In the Park

We are only a week and a few days from our annual picnic in the park. Several years ago we started having our July meeting as a BBQ dinner at Freedom Park. We will continue this tradition for our meeting on July 10th.

Please plan to attend and bring guests with you. Bring the kids and grand kids also, everyone is welcome. We will have BBQ and fixin’s from Art’s. We will have drinks and all eating utensils, so all you have to do is come to the park and enjoy the evening. We are asking that everyone pay $9.00, any kids under 10 will be $5.00. We have always made this event a monetary neutral event for our treasury. We make up the difference by selling the leftovers at a reasonable price. This has worked for us in the past.

The evening will start at 6:00 PM, July 10 at Shelter #3 at Freedom Park. The shelter is just down the hill from the Mahion Adams Pavilion. The Pavilion is at the end of Cumberland Ave. Cumberland is the street next to the Showmars Restaurant on East Blvd. Please come rain or shine. We had a big rain last year, but a good time was had by those who came.

It would be great to have a guess at how many are planning to attend, so please RSVP me at gbolin@att.net.

A Message from the Common Table

We did not receive news that all the millions of ‘XP’ computers had been hacked and turned into zombie attack machines. Worldwide computing is still ticking along. So much for the doom and gloom we have been talking about with the demise of XP in April, or am I prematurely celebrating and the computer zombie apocalypse is still to come?

I still have a few XP boxes that I am in control of. I just upgraded one of them two weeks ago to Vista. Vista, you say? I always advocate for folks’ to use legal software and I still have several unused licenses for Vista, thus a newly created old computer. Vista will be supported until 2017, so a few more years of support from Microsoft. Windows 7 and 8 are so much better than Vista. I had forgotten how bad many features were in Vista until I started using it again.

I look forward to seeing all of you this July 10th. I also want to see some of our members or guests that receive this news letter who do not come often. Coming to the meeting is the ultimate ‘Social Media’ thing you can do. Don’t just stay at home and e-mail and Facebook, come out an see real people that share a “Common” interest.

See you Thursday, July 10th.

Galen Bolin
President PCCC