June 13, 2019 – Accessibility Options in Windows 10

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May 30 – Breakfast

Patricia hands me her tablet and says she can’t read her magazines. The Texture app has a big banner across the main screen that says “FREE TRIAL Apple News” and won’t go forward or back to anything. I look at my tablet and it’s still open to the last article I was reading. Alas, as soon as I leave that page, mine shows the same as hers.

For months there’s been a sidebar declaring “Texture is now News+.
Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.” Notice that our Android
devices are conspicuously missing from the list. My reaction was they
wouldn’t dare abandon the, by far, larger platform; they’re just
trying to sell a few iPads.

Apparently they will , and did, abandon it!

Apple bought a product and threw away almost two-thirds(1) of the potential global customers.

Admittedly, Texture’s market did not match the OS penetration. One
report implied that Android had barely 40% of their base of a little
over a half-million subscribers. They had, justifiably, long ago dropped
their Windows Modern (for Windows from Win8 to Win10 including the
latest Windows phone – vintage 2016). But Android is not going anywhere.
It’s the heart of Google’s operating systems, broadly implemented,
regularly updated, and global.

(1) Chart: https://www.problogbooster.com/2016/02/Top-Mobile-Operating-Systems-Mobile-OS-Overview-Guide.html

Bill Barnes, PCCC


Of course, the theoretical release date of the Feature Updates is their title. 1809 was released in October and promptly withdrawn for having serious problems. It was only re-released with the new year. So 1903 is actually one month ahead of tradition, not 3 months behind schedule. You might want to wait a month or two before installing it.

Bill Barnes, PCCC

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