March 14, 2019 – DongleMania

Program topics

Upcoming programs require your participation:

  • “Planning Meeting” will be announced Thursday and by email. Don’t commit to it until you see a specific announcement.
  • April 11: Streaming options, presented by Richard Kinkel.
  • May 9: Picnic, for once, before the hot weather.
  • June 13: Configuring Accessibility options on Windows 10, presented by Galen Bolin.
  • Future general meetings: That’s why we need you at the Planning Meeting.


You’ve heard of “Bibliomania” (craze for books or reading), “Chinamania” (obsession with collecting pieces of china), “Discomania” (craze for disco music), “Melomania” (craze for music), and even Polkamania (craze for polka dancing), but have you heard of DONGLEMANIA? Yes, there is such a thing. DONGLEMANIA is the craze for dongles which are those small devices that plug into computers.

Now, I already know that some of you are saying, but Maryanne, dongles are much more than that, and I would agree. But for those who do not know about all that dongles are capable of doing, you must attend our March meeting to find out…..and prepare to be amazed.

You too will be hooked and become a DONGLEMANIAC.

Maryanne Dailey explains all the extra stuff you have to carry in your computer bag, Thursday, March 14 at 6:30 pm.

A Message from the Common Table

March 8, 2019

Rain, Rain and more rain, are we tired of the rain? It has been raining all Fall and Winter. Have we had even 4 days of no rain before it rains for days in a row?

We have a great meeting this week presented by our own Maryanne. She will show and talk about “Dongles”, you know those things that you have to attach to our devices to help the device do something else that it should have been able to do without the “dongle”.

I hope you had a great month and I hope you understood that we did not meet in February as that day was Valentines Day.

This past week has been very nostalgic for me. I moved my Outlook from one system to another. This process is very straight forward except for my calendar. My Outlook calendar goes back to early 2001 and for many years it synced with a Pocket PC I had. Some of you will remember Palm Pilots and Pocket PC devices. I had a Cassiopeia and a Dell Axiom at one time. These were the computer in your pocket, but you still had to have a flip phone.

The issue with the calendar was that the Active-Sync for the device would not always work correctly with Outlook/Exchange. Quite often it would duplicate calendar events on the Pocket PC and the Outlook/Exchange calendar. I would try to fix these duplicates when this occurred. But after a while, I just gave up. When I moved the calendar this week, a lot of these duplicates are still there, so I have been going back and fixing all these duplicates.

The nostalgia for me was seeing all the events that were in my calendar for the last 18 years. I saw on my timeline many great family events, terrific vacations, work related events and of course many meetings that I attended.

Many of these meetings were related to the PCCC group. Do you remember the SIGs (Special Interest Groups)? I also saw where we used to eat for the board meetings and before the meetings. Even the meeting locations have changed, Piedmont Natural Gas, Little Architecture and others. Many of the restaurants we patronized are not even in business anymore. I never had to get out the tissue, but many of my events brought back great memories and a few were sad (loss of family and dear friends).

Do you have a calendar that you can look back to? My wife has always kept a paper diary of events and thoughts going way back before my calendar even starts. I may even add some new/old events to my calendar using her calendar (yes, she lets me look at it, nothing secret in there). She does not have a backup of her calendar as they are paper books, Mine would, of course, have a digital backup in multiple places.

I hope to see all of you at the meeting.
Galen Bolin
President PCCC –


What time is it?

(I’ll save you from having to read the whole article, just go to

As you ran around to reset all your clocks Sunday, (don’t forget your dress watch or you’ll be late for the show) what time did you set them to?

I have read that computer networking requires everything to have the same time or data and protocols won’t synchronize properly. The GPS system only works because it keeps time to a minuscule fraction of a second. But I have seen computers – configured to periodically check with the network for the correct time – being off by minutes, even though they were side-by-side on the same network. (what about the clock in the spare bedroom?)

The computer chip slices the day into billionths of a second, but it’s hard to find a configuration that displays what second of the day the computer thinks it is.

If you want to set your clocks accurately, is a running clock with seconds displayed. It’s even calibrated to take account for the immediate network latency.  (you’ll wake up shivering tomorrow because you forgot to spring the thermostat forward)

Bill Barnes, PCCC

———– started showing problems Sunday morning. You might try or just put “time” into your favorite search engine.

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