May 10, 2018 – Scrubbing Your Computer – Archive Data – Delete Dust Bunnies – Organize Your Space

Program topics

May 2018
Clean your computer

  • Scrub-a-dub the outside and inside of your PC, laptop, and/or devices.
  • Clean up your old data – archive or dump?
  • Clean up your OS – missing updates, orphaned registry keys, obsolete drivers, etc.
  • Clean up your apps – uninstall unused, check for updates (or not), update passwords.
  • Clean up your environment – organize passwords and bookmarks … .
  • Tweak your settings – check online privacy settings, tune your browser.
  • Clean up your workspace – pull out the recycle bin for those old printouts and AOL CDs.

Here are some things we may talk about. If you take any other actions such as blocking spam on your iPhone or organizing bookmarks in Chrome, please prepare to share your knowledge.

June 2018

Yes, it’s time to get out of the kitchen and into the heat. But putting on a pleasant spread takes more effort than just shoveling BBQ onto your plate. Contact if you can contribute to the effort.

And Later …

Here are some titles we’ve been bouncing around. If there are any you have interest or competence in any; please let us know, either at or by coming to the Board Meeting next week (watch for announcement). And of course, our complete purview is personal technology; feel free to tell us how you use it.

  • Cut the cord – saving on your TV, phone (and maybe, Internet) bills.
  • What is Windows S?
  • Tweaking your home network.
  • Drones.
  • Raspberry PI and other 2-bit computing devices (meaning “25¢” – inexpensive – not “2-binary-units”)

If you are able to present a program or have a topic you’d like to learn more about, please contact any Board member or come to the Board meeting. (watch for Board meeting announcements at the general meeting or a special newsletter)

A Message from the Common Table
May 3, 2018

I hope all of you had a great month.

I have another reminder for all of you. Many of you found our new location at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church last month, but I want to repeat this information for the folk that have not been to our new location.

 We are back to being able to meet at Pritchard at South End (Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church). I have secured a meeting room for us that is right across the hall from the big meeting space we used for years. We can have our food here also. I hope some of our members will return to join us at this central Charlotte location, 1117 South Boulevard. But mark June 14 as a day not to come to Pritchard. It will be the picnic in Freedom Park.

At our May meeting, we are going to present to you “How to Clean Your Computer and Computing Stuff”. I will show how to physically clean your stuff with recommended cleaning techniques. Bill B will show how to clean or clean out the bits and bytes of your digital data. Bring some of your stuff and it might get cleaned up for you. windows version image

Microsoft just released the semi-annual “feature” update to Windows 10 on April 30. This time it is called the Spring 2018 update or Version 1803. (To determine whether you’ve gotten it yet, ask Cortana “winver” [right].) Everyone will be getting this update in the future. You may get the update before our meeting.

I hope to see all of you at the meeting.

Galen Bolin
President PCCC

In The News

Facebook: More than 2.5 Million North Carolinians Impacted by Privacy Breach

(RALEIGH) – Attorney General Josh Stein today announced that his investigation has determined that 2,521,064 North Carolinians’ data was shared with Cambridge Analytica and other third parties. Facebook provided this estimate as part of the Attorney General’s ongoing investigation.

“People aren’t expecting to trade their privacy for a Facebook page,” said Attorney General Josh Stein. “As a result of my investigation, we now know that more than 2.5 million North Carolinians may have been impacted by this breach. I will continue my investigation into Facebook’s policies to make sure that we are adequately protected in the future.”

Facebook estimates that it shared a total of 70,489,579 American users’ data.

More information on Attorney General Josh Stein and data privacy:

Net Neutrality In Congress Again

Net neutrality is back in Congress in an attempt to reverse the ruling of the FCC last year. In 2017, the FCC repealed the Net Neutrality rules, effectively allowing ISP’s to control how fast, or slow, data flows through their portion of the Internet infrastructure. This would allow ISP’s to give faster data speeds to preferred companies; those that pay more, or support the ISP’s corporate agenda. Several senators have introduced a Congressional Review Act resolution to reverse the actions of the FCC and restore the Net Neutrality rules.

The PCCC meets at
Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church at 1117 South Blvd.

Maps and directions are below.
Join us with your bag supper at 5:30 or the meeting at 6:30.

The PCCC meets the second Thursday of most months at Pritchard in Dilworth. The location is 1117 South Blvd., Charlotte.

Room and Parking information:
We are meeting in a different room in the same building as the big hall. Come in the atrium and look for us in the first room on the ground floor down the hall to your left. If the parking lot closest to the building is full, park in the deck directly across the street. Do not park in the upper lot!
If you are lost, locked out, or wish an escort from the parking deck, call 704-607-6461.

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