Nov. 14, 2019 – Meeting Cancelled

Due to a conflict, we are not able to meet this month.

The important news is that no one has started planning for our traditional and popular December Holiday Party.  Member Cliff Culpepper, who died in February, had been active in organizing it for several years. Now we need you to step up and help plan and promote the event. Please contact real soon to help. If you don’t, there might not be an event.

Meanwhile, watch for our emails on upcoming meetings. And please plan to attend our Planning Meetings when announced. For details, contact

We’ll see you soon. If there are any topics you’d like to present or hear about, let us know:

Planning Committee 11-7-19

The Planning Committee held a virtual meeting November 7 via WebEx hosted by Dewey. Participating were Dewey, Maryanne, and Bill Barnes.

The primary foci of the meeting were:

  1. What’s happening Thursday.
  2. Pre-organization for Holiday Party.
  3. The direction and activities of the PCCC in the future.

Results were:

  1. The November 14 meeting is cancelled due to a conflict.
  2. Organizing time is short! Bill Barnes will not be available to participate for most of December. Someone has to step up and coordinate all the activities including:
    • deciding on a location and format
    • publicity and collecting RSVPs
    • management and follow-up through the end of the evening

Maryanne’s excellent summary follows:

  1. Change the format from a set agenda with program to an informal social gathering where people meet and eat while discussing topics within the technology areas.
  2. Move the actual start time up to 5:30 pm.
  3. Determine several meeting places such as restaurants giving the opportunity for all to attend.
    – Skyland on South Blvd.
    – McAlisters on Park Rd.
    – Charlotte Cafe at the Arboretum
    – or other suggestions
  4. Organizers who will send out reminders to the group and serve as the person(s) who will be facilitators of the group need to be named.
  5. New branding to be determined. “Charlotte Technology Discussion Group”; “Thursday Technology Q&A” ……
  6. Holiday Party planning.
    – Who would participate?
    – Where to have it?
    – Who is willing to take the lead?

If you have any ideas or are willing to participate, please contact or any officer.

The PCCC meets the second Thursday of most months at
Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church at 1117 South Blvd.
Please join us
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