October 13 – No Meeting Scheduled


The PCCC will not meet this month! Our regular second Thursday meetings will resume in November at the BBB’s new office in Matthews. The location is 9719 Northeast Parkway, Suite 300, Matthews.

A Message from the Common Table
October 9, 2016

I hope all of you, your family, house and property survived the hurricane. We had 6 inches of rain at our house, lots of small limbs and sticks to pickup also.

Our new home at the BBB in Matthews is ready, but Maryanne is away on one of her travels. We will not have a meeting in October.

The most important thing we can do during this next month is to GO VOTE. You can’t complain how our country, state and local government is run unless you exercise your right to vote. This is a right not a privilege. One vote per eligible voter. Many of you may know that Bill B and I work at the elections. We make sure that your vote counts. Both of us will be working during the early voting time. Please use the early voting sites if you can. Yes, this process is secure. There will be no voting irregularities on our watch. The Mecklenburg election board website is www.charmeck.org/mecklenburg/county/BOE/voter/ . Some of you are not in Mecklenburg County, so please look up your local board of elections with a web search.

In December we will have our Holiday Party at KickStand restaurant on Central Avenue. They have a semi-private room that we can use. My neighborhood association has get togethers there and they can accommodate us very well. We are looking at this as “dutch” affair, so you can order what you want to eat including beer, wine and spirits. Check them out at www.kickstandcharlotte.com. We will provide more details next month.

I hope all of you have a safe October. I hope to see all of you on November 10th. We will be at the BBB in Matthews for this meeting Look for where the BBB location is in this newsletter or next months NL. Please VOTE VOTE VOTE. I mean just one VOTE 😉
Galen Bolin
President PCCC

The dog ate my internet (almost)

I was cutting the grass and pushed the lawnmower over one of the many 3-4-inch deep potholes the dog leaves in the yard when I heard something that didn’t sound like mowing clover or a twig. When I reached down, I picked up a 2-foot long piece of coax wire and said “oh fud!” And this was a Saturday evening.

Fortunately, when I finished that section and went inside, everything was still online. There are three or four cables going through that area of the yard from several years ago when we were doing some construction. I kept telling the cable company not to bury the line until we were finished but they kept doing so anyway. And a couple weeks later, another contractor would ignore where I’d marked the line and dig through it anyway. So the repairman would string a new line (rather than finding the break) and a few days later they’d bury it again.

My question is why was it not deeper where the dog wouldn’t dig it up? They probably couldn’t cut a deeper trench because they ran into the previous dead cable. I just hope when I add Google Fiber to our service, the redundant line comes in through the front yard so only one will get cut at a time.
Bill Barnes, PCCC

Are you concerned about the security of the vote? Read my article at http://TechnologyInterpreter.info on what it takes to steal an election in North Carolina.

Our new, hopefully long-term, home will be at the BBB, now in Matthews. The location is 9719 Northeast Parkway, Suite 300, Matthews. Northeast Parkway runs behind Windsor Square Shopping Center on Independence Blvd. The BBB is in a new office condo approximately across from Kohl’s back entrance. As of this writing, the address is in Google Maps, but not Mapquest or Siri.

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