Review of the March Meeting – TV on the Internet

Review of the March Meeting – TV on the Internet – An Alternative to Expensive Cable and Satellite

We had an outstanding meeting on Tuesday, March 8th: Our program was “TV on the Internet – An Alternative to Expensive Cable and Satellite”. Our presenters were Ludwig Albl and his son Alex. Both have been members of this club for several years. Thanks to both these gentlemen for an interesting and informative program.

As part of cutting the family budget, Ludwig and Alex described how they had been experimenting with alternative and cheaper ways of getting their television programming for several years. Over the course of that time they had discovered and refined three principal ways to do this: Public air wave antenna, Internet TV, and Free on air satellite TV. They had investigated all of the above methods and they shared their online resources and experiences with us. Discussion centered on various TV antennas (the cheapest option) and the on-line resources available. They displayed these topics in Power Point and discussed the pros and cons for each. Their PowerPoint presentations are available at the following link.

Ludwig is an aircraft engineer and works in the USAir maintenance facility at the Charlotte Airport. The family moved here from Winston-Salem in 1997 and Ludwig and Alex have been coming to PC3 Meetings since 2008. Alex is a junior in HS, a newly minted Eagle Scout and loves paintballing. Ludwig brings us some of his advanced electronics skill from his Aircraft experience. Alex dabbles in computer repair for family and friends. He is CompTIA A+ Certified for Computer Repair.

If there are any additional questions or comments for our speakers, let’s follow up with this on Facebook and/or the PC3 forum. Direct your question to our Facebook page and I’m sure someone will get back. The resource page handout, below that was published in the newsletter is also on the PC3 Forum.

Internet + TV = no cable bill!

Three ways of getting TV without cable

  • Antenna: every TV works though some need a converter. Antenna routing could be trouble. Digital vs. Analog / UHF & VHF
  • Internet: need to pay for internet connection, might need newer TV (HDMI connections) need $100.00 or so Roku set and cables. (buy HDMI cables @ Harbor Freight or Meritline)
  • Satellite(Free to Air): Roof mounted dish, free (non scrambled) stations tend to be Indian, Arabic etc . equipment costs some $4-500.

TV stations you can expect to receive based on your location:

TV program listings

Here are some antenna information sites:

Building your own antenna:

Search for: Grey Hoverman (multi-directional type)

Internet set top TV:

Satellite TV (free to Air):

The tech behind TVs

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