Security – Q&A Session on How to Protect Your Online Life

A Message from the Common Table
June 6, 2015

Time Warner Cable is at it again. Last month I told you about my issues with my TWC internet. It is working fine now that the neighbors got kicked off my “drop”. Now what are they up to? They are dropping all the analog TV channels and every channel will be digital. If you have TWC you know what that means. They will send you a box to use on your TVs’. Yes, every TV. The old TVs’ and the one you just bought at the big box store. Do you know why they are doing this? Come to the meeting and I will tell you. Hint, Google is coming to town!

Back to the “magic” TWC box, I got mine and had trouble getting it authenticated. Then I had problems getting it to talk to the TV controls. I am not alone. My brother-in-law had problems, the lady down the street had problems. Almost everyone is having issues. Good luck to all of you that have to get the new Cisco DTA.

The other day my four year old granddaughter was with us on our patio as it was getting dark. She saw the first “stars” of the evening in the southwest sky. I told her they were probably planets as they are much brighter at dusk than stars. She said “ Is that Saturn”? Since there were two bright objects near each other. I said “One of those might be Saturn”. I got out my iPhone and started the APP “SkyView”. Within a few seconds it told me that the objects were Jupiter and Venus. She said “Wow, but where is Saturn”. I moved the phone around and there was Saturn. It was behind us and hidden by a big tree. We went to the front yard and looked up through the tree and there was “Saturn”. She was impressed to see Saturn and not so much with the little pocket device that told us were to look. She then asked me “Are there going to be any meteor showers tonight”? I have no idea how she knows about meteor showers.

This month’s meeting is going to be a free for all on the topic of SECURITY. You don’t want to miss this meeting. Computing safely and just general life is about our security in the world. We will talk about what we can do to better protect ourselves and our digital devices and digital data.

We have great programs coming up for you in the next few months and don’t forget that we will have our annual BBQ Picnic in the Park for our AUGUST meeting. The board has decided that because the Fourth of July is closer in days to this meeting, that we will move the BBQ to August.

The picnic will go on rain or shine in Shelter #3 at Freedom Park. Everything is the same as previous years. Park in the small Cumberland Av lot on the hill and find the shelter just down from the Mahlon Adams Pavilion (the permanent building). The only thing that will cancel the picnic is if you don’t sign up with [email protected].

We may also have time for a short question and answer session, so please bring your questions, issues and problems about computing with you.

I hope to see all of you this Thursday.

I also want to see some of our members or guests that receive this newsletter who do not come often. Coming to the meeting is the ultimate ‘Social Media’ thing you can do. Don’t just stay at home and e-mail and Facebook, come out and see real people that share a “Common” interest. If your bring your own meal, come to the meeting about 5:45 to 6:00. We have a great time “eating before the meeting”.

See you this Thursday.
Galen Bolin
President PCCC

Quote without comment …

“Only 15 percent to 20 percent of the world’s leading banks have begun connecting their ATMs to the cloud” (5/21/15)

Notes in Passing

Don KingDon King, long-time member of PCCC passed away on 8 May. He served on the PCCC Board in the 1980’s. He was a multi-term PCCC Treasurer. He contributed greatly to the club from those positions. Don was a behind-the-scenes contributor as well. If it needed to be done Don did it and always with a smile. Don was an avid swimmer at the YMCA. Swim on my friend.

The club extends its sympathy to Florence, his wife, and Don’s family.

Ted Hessberg

Read the Charlotte Observer obituary @

Editor’s note:
For several years Don King contributed a usually humorous column to Bytes & Bits. Some issues of Bytes from this era are archived at Don’s column was usually on page 3.

Ancient history

When we were discussing Don King’s obituary, several people mentioned his Bytes columns. We thought it would be nice to share his representative writing with those members who remembered it as well as those who never met him.

During much of that period I was editor of this auspicious publication. I knew I had drafts of most monthly issues. Read the story of why you can now read his columns:,276.0.html.

Upcoming Activities

Personal Computer Club of Charlotte

2015 Picnic

August 13, 2015
our regular meeting date – 6:00 pm
Dinner in the park.
Bar B Q • Beans • Slaw • Chips • Drinks
Good friends and good lots of time to chat.

Make your reservations to [email protected] or at the meeting. Dinner is subject to cancellation if response is not sufficient. Also, let us know what you want to do to help with organization of this event.

May – Laptops vs Tablets
June – Security
July – Leftover topics from May and June
August – Bar B Q picnic
September – Windows 10
October – TBD
November – TBD
December – Holiday SocialCome join us. If you’d like to make a suggestion – or, better, take responsibility – for one of those “TBDs,” contact [email protected]rg

Please join us. The Personal Computer Club of Charlotte [PC3] meets the second Thursday of each month at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, 1117 South Blvd in Charlotte. The meeting gets under way promptly at 7:00pm. We generally start with a brief review of current PC issues in the news. Following that we have a presentation on a topic of interest to PC or Smart Phone users and wrap up by 9:00pm. Initial attendance at the meeting is free and open to the public.In addition to our General Meeting at 7:00pm, a number of us get together for dinner at 5:45pm. We generally hold our “Eating before the Meeting” at the church. Six or seven folks generally show up, have supper and talk tech until it is time to start the General Meeting. The club will provide iced tea and cookies for desert, bring your own supper.