How to Take Better Pictures for the Holidays: The Elements of Digital Photography

Our November 8 PC3 meeting will feature a program on digital photography by noted photographer, Richard Kinkel. Richard is a professional photographer who has built a reputation statewide for creative and technically precise handling of photographic projects. He brings many years of expertise to a concise presentation of advice on how to take better pictures for the holidays.

We will also have a short presentation by Alex Albl on Tonic LAN Messenger. This is a small free application that will allow all users on a LAN to message each other, even transfer files workstation to workstation. Additional information is available at

Richard will discuss photographic work flow, how to select the best camera for a given job, software tips, photographic composition, flash and ambient lighting, making prints and emailing photographs. He will also talk about how to take better video with your iPhones and or digital cameras. All of the new cameras that are out today do video, so he believes this topic would be of interest to our members. See Richard’s PowerPoint slides for this presentation.

Be sure to bring your camera to the meeting. We should have an opportunity to put Richard’s advice into practice and get some good shots of the group.

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